Jazz Faction


It's a quartet built up in 2004 for playing Tremblay's own songs. A self-titled debut CD was recorded in March 2005. The repertoire includes original compositions, one standard as well as a contemporary jazz arrangement of the Fauré Pavane. It was after the experience of arranging this impressionistic piece that the spark of this actual project began to take form.

Pascal Tremblay Jazz Faction is invited to the 2005 Aichi International Exposition in Japan, as well as other Japanese venues notably Nagoya and Kashimo. It was an enriching and expanding experience that informed both upcoming compositions and arrangements.

A second album entitled RACOLAGES featuring seven originals and one standard is released. The nature of the arrangements as well as the sound of the group has evolved: more contemporary, confident. Performance at the Montreal International Jazz Festival as part of both GM and Galaxy nominated artists. Numerous performances in jazz clubs and other cultural venues. And once agan, the band represented Canadian's culture at the UNESCO summit in Ottawa, 2007.



Former Cds' critics


«Pascal Tremblay has a unique sound, and I found that piece (Valse atomique) particularly haunting ... The guitar and horn sounds together are beautiful.»

-Katie Malloch / CBC Jazz Beat

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