«Evoking the 70’s Stan Getz, Pascal Tremblay masters the art of fusing genres with an innovative spirit, without erasing the essence of compositions that have marked our musical universe.» ★★★★½

-Christophe Rodriguez / Journal de Montréal



«The least we can say the saxophonist and Pascal Tremblay Jazz Faction his training is that they do not lack ambition. For this project dazzling finesse and daring, Smith drew the starting material in Debussy, Massenet, Rachmaninov, Poulenc and Fauré. Surrounded by his accomplices solid - the guitarist Sylvain Provost, bassist Fred Alarie and drummer Jean-Francois Barbeau - and members of the quartet-Canimex Claudel, the leader revisits his own original arrangements in these works of inexhaustible interest with passion and invention, proving, if need be how the border between the genders is thin, permeable sometimes, downright useless. Bright.» ★★★★

Stanley Péan / Voir



«Pascal Tremblay is a mature musician and excellent at improvisation, his tenor’s tone is beautiful. We can feel the experience, he is no beginner, has a deep knowledge of jazz and was successful in putting together excellent musicians… his work is beautiful, impressionist, French and very modern…»

-Alain Brunet / Radio-Canada



«A jazz quartet with a classical string quartet interpreting original compositions but also an audacious vision of known classical standards (Rachmaninov, Fauré, Debussy, Poulenc) with an inspiration that puts this project miles ahead other attempts often too tacky. Bravo.»

-Stanley Péan / Radio-Canada



«A remarkable project… This original concept showcasing the talent of eight exceptional musicians, deserves to be heard by many more ears»

- Henri Prevost / Quebecor Medias



«The coloring of these 19yh century melodies by Tremblay is very interesting and it reveals his curiosity and his sharp sensibility.  He developed these pieces according to his personal view, leaving in all their original charm. Experiencing a jazz musician inspired by the classics and achieving the abolishment of all frontiers between the genres is very exciting»

- Sylvie Prévost / Le journal des Citoyens



«Still undiscovered by most of the Jazz enthusiasts, this tenor saxophonist knows the use of sensuality, elegance and delicacy»

-Alain Brunet / La Presse



«Pascal Tremblay has a unique sound, and I found that piece (Valse atomique) particularly haunting ... The guitar and horn sounds together are beautiful»

- Katie Malloch / CBC Jazz Beat

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