Pascal Tremblay

Where I grew up, there was a piano in the living room, and coming from a region where the jazz scene was quite active, I fell in love with jazz piano but I found myself playing the saxophone

How to say things


How to say things at the Café Barb-y in 1991 for more than a year; Jazzy-mondays with Norman Lachapelle and Jean-François Lauzon. With Jacques Roy, Gilbert Joanis, Yvon Plouffe...

Since then, I never stopped saying things. To Michel Donato, Boogie Gaudet, Skip Bey...

One day, I got a bass and my influences allowed me to say many other things, to many more people.

In 1998, a memorable icestorm devastated Quebec. Emergency shelters were opened to offer warmth and support to those left without power. Many artists from the Greater Montreal region banded together to entertain and comfort the hundreds of evacuees .

That is when La Corde de Bois was born;

Another way of saying things


This new forum for expression allowed me to discover rock, traditional reels and singing.
How to compose and arrange for a band who's members are anxious to say things.

At “restaurant Arousse” in Saint-Jerome, I went through the Mercredis-jazz from 2001 to 2004. Sometimes playing saxophone with Michel Donato, Norman Lachapelle, Cyrille Beaulieu; sometimes playing bass with Robin Boulianne, Alain Boyer, David Gauthier...

My bass got me on the jazz scene as well as on the "chanson quebecoise" scene, playing with Gilles Vigneault, Gary Boudreault…

Then I created Jazz Faction to play my own songs, but I still gotta say some other things on parallel projects with Jean-Sébastien William, Rémi-Jean Leblanc, Guy Boisvert, Alain Boyer...

And still so many things to say


«Still undiscovered by most of the Jazz enthusiasts, this tenor saxophonist knows the use of sensuality, elegance and delicacy.»

-Alain Brunet / La Presse